Bitwise Illustration

Please follow these steps:
  1. Make a pair, and number yourself as either Student 1 or Student 2.
  2. Both students should download the program "Bitwise Illustration" by clicking the link here.
  3. Extract the file and run the setup.exe file (don't worry it's not a virus).
  4. Follow the installation steps until you click "Finish".
  5. By default, it will install under "C:\Program Files\Bitwise Illustration". Go to this folder and double click the file "arbitwise.tbk". This will launch the program Bitwise Illustration.
  6. Download the worksheet using the link below depending on your numbering:
    1. Student 1: Download this worksheet.
    2. Student 2: Download this worksheet.
  7. Follow the instructions on the worksheet and fill it up.
  8. Once you finish send the worksheet to my email with the following Subject: [Bitwise] YourName.