Competition Self-Practice Chapter 2

posted Apr 28, 2011, 10:52 PM by Oka Kurniawan   [ updated Apr 28, 2011, 11:38 PM ]
Hi Students,
I will give a little reward for the best three students who submitted Self-Practice problems of Chapter 2. These are the criteria:
  1. You can submit any one of the problems in Self-Practice of Chapter 2 on page 2-39.
  2. You must submit a c++ code in text file with a file name:comp1_class_yourname.cpp, where class is either DME or DARE or EDME, and yourname is replaced by your name.
  3. The little reward will be given to the best code of each problems of each class. The best code is subjective and determined by me :) but some of the criteria are as follows:
    1. produce the correct result
    2. well documented, written, and indented
    3. appropriate variable names and data type
    4. efficient but remains clear
    5. able to handle wrong input data
  4. If there are two good codes of that one particular problem, the little reward will be given to the person who submitted first. 
  5. You can start submitting the self-practice exercise starting from 1st of May 2011, and the last date of submission is 11th of May 2011.
  6. There are three rewards for each class (since there are three problems in Chapter 2 Self Practice Exercise).
  7. To submit the code, send the cpp file to with this subject [MS6508 Submission] Competition Chapter 2. The winner will be announced in the class, and the code will be posted on this website.
Note that the criteria must be strictly followed, otherwise, the submission will be considered invalid. Thanks and all the best.